Oil & Gas

  • Offshore Structures

    CALM buoy, FPSO, GBS, Jacket, Jack-up, Semi-submersible, Spar, TLP, Crane Vessels, Drilling Vessels, Installation Vessels

  • Pipelines

    Offshore - Subsea system, Flow line, Pipeline, Riser system, Fixed/Floating structures, Topside processing system, Onshore-cross country pipelines

  • Petrochemicals/Refineries

    CDU, FCCU, Naphtha cracker, VDU, SRU, DHDS, ARU

  • Unconventional O&G

    Oil Shale(Shale oil and Oil Shale Gas) and oil sands.

  • Technology Licensing

    Hyco, CO, Hydro processing, FCC/Alkylation-Treating, Naptha/ Gasoline, FCC Unit.