Value Adding Services

Over the years, Camino has developed a broad network and gained extensive experiences in the markets where it is present. This will assist our clients enter the market and export their products. With our expertise, you can minimize your risk and achieve the best business expansion in countries such as India, China, Singapore and Philippines in Asia.

If you wish to understand more about the market before making any decision, we could assist you through the three phases below:

Phase I will study the market in which you are interested, this will provide you good understanding on how is the market potentiality for your products; what are customers' needs and expectations; how is the market competition etc.

Phase II will study the best channels to enter the market and recommend market entry strategy, for example, is it better to have your own office in that country or is it better to start business through local partners etc?

Phase III is the stage of entering the market, either setting up your own company and looking for local partners.